Our Story

Have you ever hosted an event with a wide age-range of guests and wished for an activity suitable for everyone?

Have you ever wanted to provide a no-screen, easy-prep option for entertaining your entire family?

Have you ever wished you could all come around the table and create something together without so many materials and without any mess?

Have you ever wanted a creative activity that you could use and enjoy instead of it going on the fridge or in the toy box to inevitably end up in the trash?

I have, too.  That’s why I created The Coloring Table.  My name is Megan Dove and I am a genuine mom-trepreneur who started the journey of a lifetime last year, along with my husband and three children, creating and developing unique colorable tablecloths.

Our family adventures have literally taken us around the world. We have lived in Texas, Mexico, California, Mississippi, Guatemala, and Kentucky. Having spent so much of our life on the move and away from family and close friends, we understand the importance of community. We understand the importance of tools that help facilitate conversations.

We have developed a fabric with whimsical designs meant to be colored on and embellished with permanent fabric markers for a lasting keepsake or with washable markers and crayons for multiple uses.  Our uniquely crafted fabric guarantees that markers will not bleed through onto your table.  The fabric is completely machine-washable and wrinkle-free and there’s not a product on the market like it.

I am so excited to share our tablecloths with you.   I can’t wait to see families and friends everywhere coloring in the lines and thinking outside the box!



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