What People Are Saying About The Coloring Table

The Advocate Messenger | December 8, 2014

Coloring on a tablecloth would normally get a kid in trouble, but not in the Dove household. There, the activity is encouraged for the sake of research. Megan Dove and husband Stephen are the brains behind The Coloring Table, a company they launched this year with the support of friends to produce tablecloths that can be colored on — no marker bleeding — and preserved as keepsakes. Their children, Sam, 7, Ruth, 5, and Georgia, 2, happen to enjoy being… READ MORE

For The Cool People Blog | December 6, 2014

A never before seen specialty fabric will turn your table into a canvas. Color in the lines and think outside the box. As you color, the tablecloths become a piece of art you can display and proudly use again and again. The tablecloth is made of your friends’ and families’ individual touches that create a beautiful and cohesive finished piece of art. READ MORE

Megan DoveWhat People Are Saying About The Coloring Table