Frequently Asked Questions

Will the markers bleed through to my table?

No!  Our special patent-pending, laminated backing has been extensively tested to prevent bleeding and protect your table.


Will any marker work?

If you want to wash out your colors, and use the tablecloth over and over again, we recommend Crayola’s Ultra Clean Washable Markers and Crayola’s Ultra Clean Washable Crayons.

You are welcome to try any fabric marker for a lasting keepsake, or washable marker with our tablecloth designs.

Most fabric markers need to be heat-set, so please follow the instructions on your chosen box of markers before use. We do not recommend ironing the tablecloths (they are made with a wrinkle-free material!), but you can heat set fabric markers in the dryer on tumble-dry low for 10 minutes.


How do I wash it?

Machine wash the tablecloth in cold water and tumble dry low. The tablecloths dry fast, so a short dry (20 minutes or less) usually does the trick!

 If you are concerned about spills or stains after daily use, simply spot treat with any spot-treatment fabric cleaner and wash and dry again. The colors should stay and the stains should go!


Will the colors last?

If using fabric markers, the colors will stay vibrant through much use and many washes. The colors will be brightest and last longest if you heat set the colors before washing. If you wash the tablecloth and add color later, simply heat set the colors again.

If you prefer to use the tablecloth again and again, washable markers will beautifully wash out!


What makes the fabric so unique?

This fabric is not sold or offered anywhere else! The Coloring Table has developed the highest quality product for you and your friends and family. Our fabric is smooth to the touch for an ideal coloring experience, washes easily, and holds the color of the markers beautifully. Our fabric has also been uniquely crafted with a laminate backing to protect your table.