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A Note from the owner
Kelly Tramontano

Why did I take on the baton for the next chapter of The Coloring Table? Because I believe in the simple things of life that bring families and communities together; unplugging from the busyness of life and providing a warm, relaxing environment to create and share memories.

In a technology driven age, this simple activity can connect families and communities again, bringing "social" back into society.  We understand the importance of tools that help facilitate conversations. These creative and unique colorable tablecloths bring joy and capture the memories of celebrations and milestones.

We offer a variety of delightful patterns meant to be colored with permanent fabric markers for a lasting keepsake or with Ultra-Washable Crayola Markers for multiple uses.  Our uniquely crafted, patented fabric guarantees that markers will not bleed through onto your table.  The fabric is completely machine-washable and wrinkle-free.

There’s not a product on the market like it!

I am so excited to share our tablecloths with you.   I can’t wait to see families and friends everywhere coloring in the lines and thinking outside the box!


Kelly Tramontano